in PERSON GROUP sessions

WEDNESDAY EVENING (Paused Temporarily)

6:00PM to 7:00PM

Join our beautiful community every Wednesday evening and get the mind space that you deserve. Release tensions and tightness as you work both strength and flexibility in a dynamic way, connecting movement and breath (Vinyasa Style). We will always start with a mindfulness practice, followed by warming up the body as we get into a peak point. Then we will start slowing down and tuning inwards a little deeper as we head towards the final relaxation.


This practice will bring a sense of ease and lightness, leaving you feeling relaxed and balanced physically and mentally, as if you just pressed the reset button, refreshed, relaxed and filled up with energy to continue with your week. 

All you need is a yoga mat (Yoga props such as blocks and a strap are more than welcome), yourself and willingness to simply try. We have all been there, it's just about getting started! 

Don't miss out, classes get booked quickly!

Studio etiquette

Bring your own yoga mat 

A towel isn't enough

Wear comfy clothes

Your practice will be much more enjoyable

A small towel is welcome 

It can get sweaty at times

Be on time

Turn up 10 min before the class to get ready


Be clean and fresh

Avoid strong fragrances

No phone

 This is your time 


Let the teacher know if you are injured, pregnant or have any movement limitations from past surgeries

Keep the chat for later

If you are early, lay down, take a child pose and enjoy the quietness. Your mind and body will thank you

Stay for the relaxation

This is the most important part of the session. Stay until the session is completely over for yourself and for everyone else

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